Founded in 1989, Data Innovations (DI) is the world’s largest, most successful clinical and blood laboratory middleware company.  With a focus solely on laboratory data management and offices in the United States, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, and the United Kingdom, DI is the only middleware company with a true global scope.  Through our over 40 industry business partnerships and directly with laboratory end users, we have installed over 6,500 middleware systems in 73 countries.  Instrument Manager (IM) and Laboratory Production Manager (LPM) represent the most complete offerings in the market for pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical sample processing and non analytical tasks such as equipment maintenance.  Almost 1,000 different instruments, automation systems, and information systems are supported.  Equally important as our products are our services, which include comprehensive and proactive support, a variety of training options, and on-site consulting.  Labs are continually challenged to decrease turnaround time while handling higher volume and maintaining high data quality despite labor shortages and tightening budgets. Our offerings help the laboratory successfully meet these challenges and supports our vision:

To positively impact patient care by applying the discipline of customer intimacy in partnerships that increase efficiencies and improve workflow through delivery of the world’s best total middleware solutions to the clinical laboratory.


Experiences with Moving Averages Monitoring in Real Time
Defining, implementing and monitoring marker assays in a live laboratory environment.
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